AC Repairs in Alpharetta & Woodstock, GA

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AC not working? Don’t let the thought of investing in a new unit make you sweat. A&K Service Heating & Cooling Inc. can diagnose the problem and make any necessary air conditioning repairs right away. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and save you money.

Call now to schedule your air conditioning repair services. We have offices in Woodstock and Alpharetta, GA.

Need air conditioning repairs after hours?

Need air conditioning repairs after hours?

Don’t suffer through a hot night in Alpharetta or Woodstock, GA. You can call us for air conditioning repairs 24/7. Contact us immediately if:

  • There’s a strange smell coming from the unit: A burning smell could mean your unit is dangerously overheated.
  • The unit continues to trip your circuit breakers: This could indicate a serious electrical problem.
  • The air conditioning won’t turn on: Your house can get too hot for comfort during a hot Georgia summer.

If you need emergency air conditioning repairs, call A&K Service Heating & Cooling in Alpharetta or Woodstock, GA now.